Who am I?

Hi, I'm Giorgia,

In 1986 my mother opened a small home decor shop, she was always looking for special and unique pieces, but in December that little shop was transformed into a small Christmas village. I was 15 and so my passion began. After years, thanks to the internet, I learned of the existence of Chistmas Shop in the world. A dream for me! And so I began to dream, dreaming of living in the Christmas atmosphere every day, with music, perfumes, decorations and customers with the same enthusiasm as me. By "chance" I had to leave the small shop and again by "chance" on Christmas Day 2004 I was offered to continue my business in a larger shop, where then, discouraged by everyone, I opened my CHRISTMAS SHOP.
The first in Italy. The dream came true and today with my daughter Andreya we do everything possible to make people who pass by our Christmas Shop experience pure emotions, even if only for a moment. They go through a door of time, where time has stopped at Christmas!
Our mission continues…

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